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viernes, 5 de agosto de 2011

feathers ,feathers,feathers....

It seems that feathers are back...... we have seem them on accesories wore by celebrities in their boho look and i'm not the exception.. i tried to keep what is trendy but always doing it on my way.... remember not always what it's trendy  mean this will fit you not only in terms of shapes ,but also on personality. As i was saying i 'm no the exception ... a couple days ago went on a family vacation to the jungle i found people selling earings from peakon feathers which i thought that were pretty organic and the colors really beautiful that transmit freedom and a sense of nature that you guess i bought them... well actualy today i found them on some foreign  web pages and actually were more that the double of the price...  Anyway this webpage has some great stuff ... cool accesories should take a look  
...Accesories could save your day .... It completes your look and you could make some risk on them.. this could make your outfit look completely different .. but not abuse ..using too much stuff would make you look like a christmas tree.. always remember fashion is about expressing yourself but with a certain balance
Here some pics
My earings

Elie Saab haute couture fall winter 2011-2012

I was watching through some photos from Elie Saab last couture collection and i was amazed by the disigns that he showed on the runway. All expressed a delicate woman ,elegant ,like Micaela Llosa discribed on la intendencia ... like an "ice princess" with soft colors ,impecable , simplicity but at the same time luxury in the hole look ... the transition of colors and shapes was exquisite ..a lot of transparent  fabric without going to vulgarity tons of glamour in every piece ...softnesness ,elegance,pure,delicate,romance are words that came to my mind instantly when i saw this collection ...The collection was based all on dresses :large dresses andshort dresses with high waisted shapes making a beautiful and large siloute even we have the chance to see a weeding dress.Eventhough Saab has received critics during his hole carreer for playing safe with the choice he makes ,he understand his costumers and the requiers they make....thanks Elie for giving us a breath from the excentricity that is shown today in couture making pieces that are more wearable and make us dream as we were on a fairytail.
Here some pics..

martes, 2 de agosto de 2011

PoP ARt!

Pop Art is fun , colors ,creativity and a breath of fresh air.The concept of beauty is redifiened with pop art ......    what is beauty? ....  

Less words and tons of colors !!!!   here some pics...

feel like a child!

Always marilyn Monroe !

perfect for starting a new day  i would be dizzy!

On the runway


marilyn again but on a wall!

Breath vintage

Vintage clothes are so on now! But using vintage it doesn't mean you have to look like if you were going to a custom party . In fashion there should be always balance in colors, patterns,shapes and when it comes to bring alive old clothes from gradma you have to make the right choices to make it work out. Most importantly even if a cloth look like ageless you should incorporate details to make it look apropiate to the our time and to the age of the person that its going to wear it. And remember when you wear it ,you should feel it and feel that the clothes you wear reflect your personality , your daily mood , who you are... Never use something that would make you feel uncomfortafle ,otherwise people would wounder if today is october 31st.

The following images are from my designs that i did the summer of 2010 using as inspiration the decade of the 40's and 50's using a palette color inspire on grece with colors like blue ,skyblue white,turquoise,navy,grey ,emerald and black.The clothes reflects freddom ,simplicity ,elegance and balance .
Hope you like it .


Estas son las primeras líneas que escribo en este blog y también las primeras tras un largo periodo en el que no escribo con un lápiz y papel ,todo tan orgánico que desata en mi que las palabras fluyan con mayor rapidez. Y es que, para un artista lo más difícil es tener un lienzo en blanco en el cual tiene un  mundo de posibilidades que explorar, que contar ,que experimentar ,que soñar... No me considero una artista ,pero sí una admiradora de lo bello.No busco perfección ,sino mirar lo imperfecto y encontrar en él perfección.Pienso que hay que soñar para poder vivir y vivir para poder soñar. Siempre pienso que lo que viví forma parte del rompecabeza que creé y las piezas que busco es lo que quiero conocer.Sé que ignoro muchas cosas de la vida y por ello mi rompecabeza se encuentra incompleto  ..Espero que quienes lean este blog me acompañen en la aventura de conocer el mundo a través de mi perspectiva y espero recibir la suya también  y con ello me ayuden a encontrar las piezas que busco para llenar el rompecabezas que algún día empecé al empezar a vivir.